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American Airlines: This Page Has Taken Flight

I was recently trying to book a flight on American Airlines using accumulated miles/points.

USB-C Connector on USB 2 Audio Interface

Upgrading to a new Apple computer (2017 27-inch iMac) involved facing the fact that FireWire is truly ancient technology.


I don’t play a lot of electronic games, but have recently been enjoying the Electronic Arts release of Monopoly on my iPhone.

Seven Months with a Fitbit

A little over seven months have passed since I started using a Fitbit.

First Week with a Fitbit

I have been using a Fitbit Charge 2 over the past week, with the goal being to improve fitness through measurement and digital encouragement.

Floorplans from Green Tea Software

I have had an Apple iPad for over five years now.

Old Avid Software on Mac OS X El Capitan

Little strikes fear in the hearts and minds of music production engineers like upgrading to a new version of Mac OS X.

Google Photos

This week Google announced and released their new photo sharing service.

Richard Stallman at UIUC

Last night I attended Richard Stallman’s lecture at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign, on the subject of “Free Software and Your Freedom”.

Alone Together: Socializing through Technology

We’ve already looked at the first half of Alone Together, which focused on how people are increasingly socializing with technology, especially with artificially-intelligent robots.

Alone Together: Socializing with Technology

Sherry Turkle’s book Alone Together presents a well-researched look at how technology is changing the way we socialize, both with each other, and with technology itself.