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Inside of a Dog

I just finished reading Alexandra Horowitz’s book, Inside of a Dog, an easy-going look at what behavioral and cognitive psychology can tell us about how dogs perceive the world.

Grain-free Dog Food and Local Shopping

Visiting the western Chicago suburb of Naperville, I was surprised to see so many people walking around the downtown outdoor shopping area on a chilly, dreary Sunday afternoon.

The Dog Wars

After thoroughly enjoying Donald McCaig’s book Eminent Dogs, Dangerous Men, I just finished reading a sort of sequel, The Dog Wars: How the Border Collie Battled the American Kennel Club.

Bark Busters Progress

In March we met with a local Bark Busters trainer to get assistance working with Samantha the Border Collie.

Eminent Dogs, Dangerous Men

I just finished reading Eminent Dogs, Dangerous Men, the story of a Virginia writer and shepherd who explores Scotland in search of adopting a border collie suitable for helping him work his sheep farm back home.