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The Forgotten Founding Father

I just finished reading The Forgotten Founding Father, Joshua Kendall’s biography of Noah Webster.

Lower East Side Memories

A little bit late, but Happy New Year! I just finished reading Hasia Diner’s book Lower East Side Memories: A Jewish Place In America.

Hanukkah in America

Over the recent holiday season, I read Dianne Ashton’s Hanukkah in America, which chronicles the history and development of Hanukkah (mainly in the United States) from its origins over 2000 years ago up through nearly present day.

The Art of the Deal

Wanting to learn more about our new president, I just finished reading The Art of the Deal.

Inside of a Dog

I just finished reading Alexandra Horowitz’s book, Inside of a Dog, an easy-going look at what behavioral and cognitive psychology can tell us about how dogs perceive the world.

The Inmates Are Running the Asylum

Sometimes books sit on my shelf for a long time before I get around to reading them.

The Chosen Few

Ever on the lookout for sound reasoning to support my book-buying habit, I just finished reading The Chosen Few: How Education Shaped Jewish History.

The Dog Wars

After thoroughly enjoying Donald McCaig’s book Eminent Dogs, Dangerous Men, I just finished reading a sort of sequel, The Dog Wars: How the Border Collie Battled the American Kennel Club.

Alone Together: Socializing through Technology

We’ve already looked at the first half of Alone Together, which focused on how people are increasingly socializing with technology, especially with artificially-intelligent robots.

Alone Together: Socializing with Technology

Sherry Turkle’s book Alone Together presents a well-researched look at how technology is changing the way we socialize, both with each other, and with technology itself.

Book Review: Business Secrets from the Bible

Over the recent holidays, I read Rabbi Daniel Lapin’s Business Secrets from the Bible, a compendium of guidelines for conducting one’s work life distilled from the author’s knowledge of traditional Jewish wisdom.

Book Review: The Children’s Machine

This past spring I read Seymour Papert’s Mindstorms as part of the MIT Media Lab Learning Creative Learning course.

Book Review: Privacy on the Line

I just finished reading Privacy on the Line: The Politics of Wiretapping and Encryption.

How Children Learn the Meanings of Words

I just finished reading Paul Bloom’s How Children Learn the Meanings of Words.

Nothing to Envy: Ordinary Lives in North Korea

I just finished reading Nothing to Envy, a compelling saga that weaves North Korean history together with accounts of the lives of a handful of individuals growing up in, first admiring but eventually leaving, what they came to regard as a repressive society.

Eminent Dogs, Dangerous Men

I just finished reading Eminent Dogs, Dangerous Men, the story of a Virginia writer and shepherd who explores Scotland in search of adopting a border collie suitable for helping him work his sheep farm back home.