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I began getting seriously interested in photography in 2005 while taking pictures for an online community website project. After a couple of years of intense study and practice, I became bored with photographing what was around my home, and now mostly take pictures when traveling or when Samantha stops running long enough...

My Photographs

You can see many examples of my photos at:

and I've assembled some photo essays:

Unless noted otherwise, my photos on Flickr are available to the public under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 license. If you want to do something with my photographs that this license does not allow, please send me an email to discuss.

Why Take Photographs?

It may be for pure enjoyment, and the specifics of why it is enjoyable may differ from person to person. I enjoy learning how to use the equipment, and seeing how different lenses and different camera settings change how the final image is captured. I enjoy having a catalog of pictures that I can use to illustrate writings on the web.

It may be to capture events as historical or personal record. I am glad that I have some good pictures of my grandmother, and I wish I had taken more while she was still with us. Pictures taken at special events and while traveling help us to remember details that we might have otherwise forgotten. Pictures taken in the same place across a long span of time show us how the world around us changes, and how it stays the same.

It may be in the service of others. Taking pictures for weddings and portraits is a substantial business for many photographers.